Jin Shrines, Sansheng Shrine  晉祠三聖祠



  • Three Sages Shrine (English)
  • 三聖祠 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 三圣祠 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Sānshèngcí (Pinyin)
  • San-sheng-t'zu (Wade-Giles)
  • Sansheng Shrine (English)


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 37.708113° Long. 112.434722°
  • Building Information

    The Sanshengci, or Three Sages Shrine, is located on the southern side of the Early of Zhi canal (Zhi Bo qu 知伯渠). The current building complex consists of a gateway (damen 大門) and main hall (zhengting 正廳) surrounded by a low wall, all of which are raised on a 1.5 meter high terrace forming a level foundation for the site. One enters the complex by way of a narrow staircase through the single-bay roofed gateway holding a formal name-plaque. This complex is number 13 on our plan of the site.

    According to Liu Dapeng’s Jincizhi, originally there were separate temples to two of the divinities currently worshipped here. One was dedicated to the Medicine King (Yaowang 藥王) and another to a True Lord (Zhenjun 真君; also Cangwang 倉王). In the second year of the Qianlong reign period (1737 CE) they were combined into one temple and, because of the addition of the Dragon King (Longwang 龍王), it was renamed the Shrine of the Three Kings 三王祠. The name was later changed to the Shrine of the Three Sages (Liu 1986, 32-33; Miller 2007, 191).1

    Date 1737
    Dynasty Qing 1644 - 1912

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