Baiyu Palace, main hall 白玉宮正殿


  • main hall (English)
  • 正殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 正殿 (Simplified Chinese)
  • zhèngdiàn (Pinyin)
  • Cheng-tien (Wade-Giles)
  • Baiyugong zhengdian (English)
  • 白玉宫正殿 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 白玉宫正殿 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Zhengdian


  • Coordinates:
    • Lat. 35.65815° Long. 113.2410667°
  • Building Information

    The main hall (正殿) of Baiyu Palace is built on a 0.8 m high stone podium. The hall has a front façade of 3 bays wide and depth of 4 rafters. It has a single eaves hip-gable roof, with a roof frame composed of a three-rafter beam facing an anterior single-rafter tie beam joined into to the eaves, with three columns in cross-section. The column tops support four-layer bracket sets with a single cantilever, and there are single intercolumnar bracket sets. The original doors and windows are no longer extant.2
    Date 1212
    Dynasty Jin 1115 - 1234 1

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